Upholstery Fabric

Check out the widest selection of tropical upholstery fabric design. The Seam Shoppe of Key West Florida has an extensive selection of almost any tropical fabric upholstery patterns around. Browse our wide selection of fabric pasterns listed here on the site and you will see that the quality of the designs on our fabrics is subpar to none. We provide polyester upholstery fabrics for indoor/outdoor uses, as well as cotton and rayon to be used indoor.

Our tropical upholstery fabrics are sure to last. You will be sure to be provided with the highest quality and most durable tropical upholstery fabrics around. Are you interested in pillows, curtains, or shower curtains in any of these tropical or Hawaiian fabrics, but not an ace with a needle? Give us a call at (305)296-9830 to speak with a representative, who will be able facilitate your need from assembled fabrics, and give you all of the pertinent information such as pricing and creation time.